“A place to store my view on number theory (mainly algebraic number theory).”

Basically, I love number theory and I created this blog to share this with anyone that is interested. My main interests are in algebraic number theory but sometimes analytic number theory will creep in.

Some people struggle with algebraic number theory because it requires a lot of thought and abstractness to solve problems. Reading someone elses view on how it works can often help.

This blog is also to store the knowledge I build up (or have built up) in order to get further in my studies.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Trust God Says:

    But I think this would be a great blog, if you can daily keep up your suggestions, let me try to spread this blog. But hats off to your intention, I hope that this turns out to be as famous as Terry Tao’s blog one day.

    • danielfretwell Says:

      Well at the moment I am a postgrad student so I barely get any time. Now that I have the motivation though I may make time for it.

  2. danielfretwell Says:

    Please do check my academia page though:


    It has a few of my papers and talks on it (actually I go into the general theorems of class field theory for those that are interested). The primes of the form x^2 + ny^2 is an application.

  3. Jamison White Says:

    Thanks for your posts about vectors and spans. It has really helped me.


    • danielfretwell Says:

      No problem! If you need any further help get in touch! I live on fb quite a bit these days…

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